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Eve Hashalene Christine A. OstonalEve Hashalene Christine A. Ostonal

Before joining Dewdrop Digital, my career as a Web Designer/Developer started when I had my internship at Softrigger Interactive. After my term I was employed by Softrigger Interactive as a Junior Graphic Artist. All through my employment, of almost four years, I progressed to different roles and developed different skills. From 2005 to 2007, I was a Graphic Artist, Technical Writer, and Web Designer; and halfway of 2007 I focused more in enhancing my User Interface Development (XHTML/CSS) skills, and I was give the chance to be a part of the team to work on several accounts such as: Microsoft Phils. Subsites (NowPossible, Small Business, Hotdeals, etc.), PhilStar, Ateneo de Manila University, Philipping National Red Cross, San Miguel Corporation, and more websites of local companies here in the Philippines. In my last year I played a major role as a Project Manager, with which I was able to manage SM (ShoeMart) and quite a number of it’s affiliates and St. Peter Groups.

Shortly after leaving Softrigger Interactive I was employed at ExcelAsia Services as a Web Designer/Developer and Graphic Artist where I designed and developed the job website of the company (www.excelasiajobs.com) and design the company’s monthly magazine advertisements and other print media.

I started working for Dewdrop Digital, LLC at the last quarter of 2009 as a Web Designer. Around mid of 2010 I started developing WordPress Sites for Dewdrop Digital. Through Dewdrop Digital my skills are enhanced – I have done Website Designs, WordPress Development, Wireframe Mockups, and all other Print Materials (eBook Covers, Post Card Designs, Business Card Designs, Leaflets, Door Hangers, and DVD Covers) for different clients.

Born and raised in Angeles City, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in AMA Computer College, Makati City.

To see my resume and compilation of the works I have done during my employment with Softrigger Interactive, ExcelAsia Services, and Dewdrop Digital, LLC click here.


I am a User Interface Developer. I do HTML, CSS, XHTML, DOM, Flash Animation, Print Designs, and WordPress Integration, .

I have worked for Softrigger Interactive for almost 4 years, below is the list of the roles I have during my employment:

Techinical Writing:
I have written Content Management System User Guides for the system we have developed

Graphic Design:
I have done different banner designsand/or image links needed for the website we have developed.

Web Design:
I am also doing or have done several design studies for quite a number of the websites we have developed with which some have been used for the website

User Interface Development:
I am doing, and have done convertion of web design in jpeg format into xhtml/css templates using adobe photoshop, homesite, and topstyle.

Flash Animation:
I have done flash animations when required in a website

Web Development:
In cases that the HTML template I develop would need scripting, I do also implement Javascript, DHTML, and also AJAX codes for enhancement purposes.

PHP Development:
I have graduated with a degree in Computer Science, and since i have studied the subject, I can understand source code written of some modules developed by our program developers. And since I am currently a Program Manager, I have no choice but to try and modify the php files just to have some of the works done.

Program Manager:
I have been a Program Manager for a year. I have handled several projects which I can say are successful.

After Softrigger, I have worked for ExcelAsia Services for 6 months as a Web Designer & User Interface Developer for their website www.excelasiajobs.com, and as a Graphic Designer for their Corporate Kit (Brochures, Magazine Ads, Invitations, & Business Cards).

Currently, I am working for Dewdrop Digital, LLC where I am a Web Designer, User Interface Developer, Graphic Artist and WordPress Developer. I have been in the company for more than a year already.

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